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When is Sick Too Sick for School?

Condition Stay Home if... Return to school if..
Fever A temp of 100.2 F or higher Child has been fever-free without the use of medication (Tylenol, Motrin etc.)
Vomiting Within the last 24 hours No vomiting for at least two solid meals
Diarrhea Within the last 24 hours Free from diarrhea for at least 24 hours
Rash I am itching or have a fever Free from rash, fever, and have been evaluated by a doctor
Lice Itchy head or presence of nits/eggs or live lice Treated with appropriate lice shampoo , nit free, and have been evaluated by the school health office with my parent/guardian present
Eye Infection Redness, itchy or crusty drainage Evaluated by a doctor and have a note to return to school
Dr's orders If Dr. says to stay home for 24 hrs or more Released by a medical doctor to return to school


  • Sally Watson, Health Assistant
    • (505) 898-0794 ex: 5632

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