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Playground Expectations

Being kind means everyone is having fun!


Kindground Slide:

Slide down with feet forward and on your bottom

Don't jump off slide

No running up the slide

Kindground Swings:

Seated on your bottom

Swing forward, back and forth

One person per swing

No jumping off swings

Kindground Spinner:

One person inside the spinner at a time

No hanging off spinner

Kindground Equipment:

No running on playground

No jumping off playground

No sitting on top of playground equipment

Wood Chips:

No throwing wood chips

No kicking wood chips

Soccer Field:

No climbing on soccer goals

No hanging on soccer nets

No rough playing

Ball stays on ground

General Rules for Recess:

Tag can be played on equipment. No running on equipment. No rough playing with tag.

Keep hand to self. NO pushing other students. NO kicking other students. NO tackling other students. 

NO throwing dirt. NO throwing rocks.

Absolutely NO gun play. (finger guns, light sabers, etc.)

NO name calling. NO gossip.

NO toys at recess. NO food is allowed at recess.


Report any problems to the Duty Teacher.

If any recess rules are not followed, students will sit on a proactive spot.

If problem continues, students will then be given a Roadrunner Referral Slip, stating which Habit was broken. 



No Bully Graphic